Cool Ukrainian Stuff

Ukrainian combat vehicles

BTR4 off road / swimming test:

By the way dont let Russians tell you that all soviet tanks are Russian tanks, Russians often lie and try to steal achievements of others. In fact T-64 & T-80/84 are from the same tank family and they were both designed and manufactured in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Russia designed and made the T-72 tank but this design failed to impress soviet decision makers thus the T-80/84 series was based on Ukraine’s the T-64 design, not Russia’s T-72. Then after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine Took its T-80/84's design and evolved it into the Oplot MBT while Russia took its T-72 and evolved it into T-90.

Ukrainian aircraft

Small military Cargo Jet AN-178 taking its first flight in 2015

AN-225, worlds largest cargo plane and heaviest cargo lifter

Upgraded Hind gunship, MI-24PU1

Ukrainian combat successes

Ukrboronprom 2016 catalogue

Very detailed, 254 page catalogue featuring all major ground, naval and air equipment as well as their technical components and sub systems.

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