Getting Started

Anyone who is willing to provide honest input (i.e not a troll) is welcome to contribute to this wiki.


  1. Register at
  2. Click "Join this site" at the top of the page
  3. Please wait for an admin to authorize your request


1. Click "Edit this page" on one of the pages you wish to modify, if you want to create a new page then this step also applies as you will need to create a link to your new page from an existing page. If you plan to create a new page then continue to #2 otherwise skip to #5
2. Find the place where you want to insert the link to your new page and simply type

[[[Title of Your Page]]]

in this location, it is ok to use spaces in the title


3. At the bottom of the page, type a short description of the changes you are making and click "Save" (or preview if you want to double check), the system may sometimes request that you solve a simple math problem before continuing
4. Now the page should have a link to your new page, however it is in a strange colour and if you click on it then the system will tell you that this page doesnt yet exist and ask you if you wish to create it, simply click "create"


5. Now you can edit your new page. At the bottom, you should have a tool bar with options such as adding headings, numbered lists, using bold/italic font, etc. After using these buttons you will probably notice how the wiki markup system works and you may begin using the markup directly without the buttons at your discretion.
6. You can include pictures simply by using the image wizard. It is easiest to use a url to a image, however if you wish to upload a picture directly then it is necessary to first save the page you are trying to create and then click on "files" at the bottom of the page and upload your files that way. After this, you will be able to use your uploaded image in the image wizard but be aware that each page has its own separate files, so if you uploaded your files to a different page then you will need to re-upload them to your new page to be able to use them.
7. Videos are slightly more tricky. If you aim to include a youtube video, then you need to first Find your desired youtube video and click the "share" button and then the "Embed" button, this will give you some code, copy it.


Next, Type "[html] YOUTUBE_CODE_HERE [/html]" at the part where you want to insert the video and replace YOUTUBE_CODE_HERE with the code from the previous step.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License