Interesting Relevant Links

Russia’s hybrid war analysis

Here is a presentation&analysis about Russia’s hybrid war in Ukraine by Prof. Phillip Karber (a senior military analyst):

Analysis and criticism of Minsk accords

Analysis and counteraction of Russian propaganda

A defecting KGB officer spills the truth about 'useful idiots' and Ideological warfare

Russia killed more civilians in Syria than isis article with a UN certified source as reference:

Russian exports by sector

Note how oil/minerals makes 70% of Russian exports.

Russian opposition leader assaulted

This was not the first time and it should be reminded that another opposition leader, Boris Nemtsov, was gunned down right in front of the Kremlin a year earlier.

Navalny later went on to complain about Russian government wasting money on wars while Russia has no money to repair roads and infrastructure, which is ranked amongst the worst in the world.

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