Putin Lies

Putin and the Kremlin often assert that they have nothing to do with the events in Ukraine and one may be tempted to give Putin and the Kremlin the benefit of the doubt. However let us see if they deserve such a benefit or if they have a history of bold faced lies

Little Green Men are local-self defence forces

Fast this video forward to 1:14 and you will find Putin asserting that the "Little Green Men" in Crimea are merely self-defence forces and that they simply bought equipment that looks like Russian gear from the local store (sound famillilar to current events?)

Later on he admits that they were Russian soldiers.

Of course, by ensuring freedom of self-expression he means having armed men storm the local parliament and replace the prime minister with someone who is part of a party that only got 4% of the vote in the previous election.

Todo: In the documentary "Crimea return to the motherland" Putin details 20000 or so troops being deployed to Crimea.

Crimea is not disputed territory, no ethnic conflict

Here Putin in 2008 asserts that Crimea is not disputed territory, that there is no ethnic conflict, that Russia has long recognized Crimea as a part of Ukraine and settled all border disputes and that even suggesting that Russia might be planning a move on Crimea is provocative…

Yet in 2014/2015 all of that got turned totally upside down. Todo video of Putin saying the exact opposite for hilarity.

No Russian troops in East-Ukraine

Straight out of the horses mouth, Putin says

"Nyet", "There are no armed forces, no 'Russian instructors' in Ukraine—and there never were any.", "I tell you straight and clearly, there are no Russian troops in Ukraine".

Notice how he says this with a completely straight face, now on 17 December 2015, Putin contradicted himself by saying that

"We never said there were no people there who were carrying out certain tasks including in the military sphere"

Hilarious if it didnt have such tragic consequences.

If you go and check the Russian soldiers in Ukraine and Russian armour in Ukraine sections of this wiki then you can verify for yourself that Russia is involved much deeper than merely sending instructors.

Now in October 2016 Putin begins admitting of Russian military involvement in Ukraine:

And when we had – to reiterate, had – to defend the Russian-speaking population in Donbass

So evidently he was lying when he said "I tell you straight and clearly, there are no Russian troops in Ukraine" & "There are no armed forces, no 'Russian instructors' in Ukraine—and there never were any", of course this doesnt stop him from making new lies about "defending" people.

Lies of Russias Ambassador to Thailand

Russias ambassador to Thailand, 'Kirill Barsky', lied to the press. There are three lies with the evidence to prove that they are lies:
1. He either disputes the video evidence of the new Russian base in Ukraine or tries to assert that its all fine because the OSCE didnt notice anything bad that day, the later case is totally false as the OSCE report for June 30th is filled with the usual news of shelling, tanks, battles, etc, so lets focus on the former case. Unfortunately for him, we live in the digital era where anyone can go online and download recent satellite data to double check the presence of said military base. So here it is, data from a completely different source that corroborates the video evidence, this a June 11, 2015 satellite image:

UPDATE: some weeks after having the location of this base exposed, the militants decided to abandon it. Regardless, Kirill Barsky's has lied and the evidence will remain here.

2. The ambassador claims that the Ukranian commander-in-chief, Viktor Muzhenko, has confessed that there are no Russian troops in Ukraine. This is a crude quote mine and a cherry pick, it is so sad to see a government stooping to such a low level. Mr. Muzhenko has explained this quote mine here (please use Google Chrome's web page translate feature or something like it). Basically he explained that he was referring to the lack of solid intel (at the time) of Russian regular troops participating in the fighting(of that time, i.e around Jan. 2015). However in later fighting they were able to acquire definitive intel of Russian regular troops, particularly in the villages of Chernukhin, Logvinova and Debaltseve. So there you have it, Mr. Muzhenko is talking about definite proof of Russian army involvement while Russias ambassador to Thiland lies and uses word games to try and confuse the issue.
3. The ambassador dismisses the notion of Russian troops in Ukraine but this is a lie that is disprooven from multiple sources on this site and others.

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