Russian Military Hardware In Ukraine

This page just lists some of the most obvious sightings of Russian army vehicles in Ukraine, for a more comprehensive study please check the Bellingcat vehicle tracking page.

Russian tanks in Ukraine

T-72B3 tanks were spotted near Debeltseve, of course the big deal about this is that the T-72B3 is a new tank model (2013) that has not been exported to Ukraine, thus it should not be there yet here they are, fighting for the separatists.

Some have argued that this is not a T-72B3, that its a T-72 E, UA, UMG, BA, M, M1, etc.
These critics are wrong, judging features of the tank such as location and amount of smoke/grenade pods, IR search light presence and location, windsensor presence and location, track types, armour types and their orientations as well as Scope types, antenna location, it can be shown that the tanks in the above video do not match anything other than the T-72B3. The closest tank Ukraine has to the T-72B3 is the T-72UMG but even this tank is noticeably different to the T-72B3 and the one in the video, in particular notice the offset between the armour modules, the number of grenade/smoke pods and the cover next to the turret. The B3 and the tanks in the video have these features in common while the UMG is different:


Furthermore, the motives of these critics should be questioned given the evidence of a pro-Kremlin troll factory/army at St. Petersburg which is designed to spread disinformation and propaganda.

Russian Artillery in Ukraine

Bellingcat made a nice report that identifies a Msta-S 152 mm self propelled howitzer in Russias Rostov Region and then some months later the exact same Howitzer roars down the road in Ukraine's, Novoazovsk region.

Here is the video of this vehicle in in Russia(0:12, note the difference in handwriting of the H2200 compared to the previous vehicle) and here is one of it in Ukraine (0:25).
The Rostov location can be verified with help of the the number plates in the traffic and the a convince store in the video that can also be found on google streetview. The Novoazovsk location can be verified by comparing the street with a dash cam captured streetview as well as the satellite image. Please see the Bellingcat report for details.

Russian Drones in Ukraine

Forpost Drone

A Forpost Drone was shot down in Ukraine, this is remarkable because this is a large expensive drone that Ukraine does not have! However Russia did license such a drone from Israel.
Dnepr1.jpg has a detailed article on this issue wherein a disassembly revealed Russian serial numbers and nameplates of Russian manufacturers.

Korsar Drone

Here you can read about the Russian military testing the "Korsar"(left picture) with plans for deployment in 2016. Yet, here you can see the drone on display at Kiev as "captured Russian equipment"(right picture), looks like the Russians meant to say that they are battle testing it in Ukraine… In case anyone wants to argue that the drone in Kiev looks too new, then zoom in and have a look at the tail, pretty sure its held together with tape.

Around July 23, 2015 another Korsar drone was shot down near the Russian border. has a detailed report on it.

Zala 421 drone

On the left is a Zala 421-16 drone and in the middle is a Zala 421-08M (link to manufacturers webpage), both are manufactured in Russia by the "Zala Aero" company which has contracts with the Russian army and Russian border guards, there are many variants of Zala 421 with different configurations of the camera types and positions.


Now, on the right is a drone shotdown over Ukraine (note the Ukrainian flag patch), the video to the right has a much clearer view of it and it appears they tried to put the parts back together, the end result does indeed have the hallmarks (read the wiki page about it) of a Zala 421 drone (the single wing design, the two cameras, the white parachute) but it appears to be a bit different from a 421-16 or 421-08M, perhaps its a older 421-08 (without the "M") or perhaps it is a special variant made for the military, of course it could be something else entirely.


Russian anti-air system in Ukraine


This is a Russian Pantsir-S1 anti-air system, designed in 1994 (after Soviet Union and it was not exported to Ukraine, so again it should not be there).
and yet here is a video of one of them driving around in Ukraine, Luhansk on Feb. 2015:

How can you verify that this is Luhansk? Just use a street view service at coordinates 48.544091, 39.333389 (here is a street-view with coordinates already keyed in) :

There are many more sightings of this system in Ukraine during the conflict, the interested reader can read more here and here.

The United Kingdom also testifies that the Ukrainian army does not have these weapons yet they are present in the conflict zone, this suggests that Russia is supplying these systems to the militants.

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Here are some other drones shot down in Ukraine… Todo…

Russian MLRS in Ukraine


This is a Grad multiple launch rocket system, both Russia and Ukraine have loads of them:


However this, is a Grad-K, it is a recent (2011) upgrade of the Grad system (note the new chassis of the truck) and Ukraine should not have them.


Yet once again, here it is, in Ukraine(its the third truck with the camouflage, it will ride off at 0:16, so it will be easy to notice):

OSCE confirms: Russian TOS-1 'Buratino' fortification buster in Ukraine

Credits to Lugansk-news for making a detailed writeup on this. Here is a TOS-1


It's thermobaric warheads are used to spray combustive aerosols and burn everything, its like a flamethrower in missile form and is used to burn fortified areas like trenches. These machines were produced since 1988 and were not exported to Ukraine, yet the OSCE has identified one such machine in Luhansk.

On 26 September the SMM observed at least 36 tanks (type unknown) at the training area in “LPR”-controlled Kruhlyk (31km south-west of Luhansk). A day earlier the SMM spotted at the same training area one heavy multiple launch thermobaric rocket system (TOS-1 Buratino, 220mm). – OSCE SMM report posted on September 28, 2015

The UK delegation to the OSCE questioned Russia about how this machine could have ended up in Ukraine, fighting for the separatists.

Armored reconnaissance and communications vehicles


This is a Dozor-B, a Ukrainian design
Now this is a Dozor-97 a Russian design (designed 1997, so again not soviet era stuff so Ukraine’s doesn’t have it in common with Russia). Note the differences in the chassis between these two vehicles.

As one might have guessed, despite Ukraine armed forces not possessing the Russian Dozor-97 vehicle, the militants do have them:

this video also shows them driving around at 0:25

The above image can be geolocated to Luhansk, Ukraine (and here is a streetview if you want to double check):


a more detailed discussion can be found here

Unique BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle identified in both Russia and Ukraine

Here is a BMP-2 in Russia, Staraya Stanitsa (map link for verification, Google Maps, Yandax Maps), notice the painted name with the _underscore, it reads "Lvina" and means Avalanche also notice the green paint at the centre, it hides the vehicle number. Avalanche is at 1:27 in the video.


Here is "Avalanche" again except now it is fighting in Donbass (fast forward to 18:30), also note the white arm bands the "militants" have (compare with the "Selfie soldier" story by Vice News and you will see that they are russian soldiers, they simply traded Russian flag insignias for white arm bands to hide their nationality yet still identify their own). Here is also a link with a couple more sightings of "Avalanche" in Ukraine (including a Google Maps Link). Note that each time the vehicle type, the "Lavina" text and the green paint match up, almost guaranteed to be the same vehicle.



Here is a link with many more such matches between military vehicles in Russia and military vehicles in east-Ukraine.

OSCE confirms: Russian Jamming Station R-330-ZH 'Zhitel' in Ukraine

This is a R-330-ZH 'Zhitel' radio jamming station manufactured by the Russian company Protek

Its presence in 'DPR' controlled territory was confirmed by the an OSCE report.

On 15 August the SMM unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) observed in DPR-controlled areas: one ‘R-330ZH Zhitel’ jamming communication station and one main battle tank (MBT) in Michurine (54km east of Mariupol), one MBT in Starolaspa (60km north-east of Mariupol) and one MBT in the east of Novotroitske (36km south-west of Donetsk).

The UK delegation to the OSCE questioned Russia about how this vehicle got there (they also questioned Russia about how the Tos-1 got there).

The interested reader can read more about this on Informnaplam and Lugansk-News

NATO released satellite images suggest Russian vehicles inside Ukraine and Russian military buildup at border

NATO has released several images from a public satellite image company (DigitalGlobe, verifiable via their homepage but may need purchase of satellite records) with reasoning that suggests Russian military involvement.


Todo… The report "Hiding in plain sight: Putins war on Ukraine" by the Atlantic council is a good source.
Todo… another good report
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Todo… Another good report by a European think tank

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